Creative Inspiration from Blink 182 Founder

I recently decided that our blog posts will be more about early stage entrepreneurship, creative endeavors, and innovative product development rather than just limiting the post to our own UZBL brand products.  This post is about a really great interview with the founder of Blink 182.  At first glance this video might not seem relevant to idea development.  I’m posting this because it shows that if you are really passionate about something and work hard at it that really cool things can happen. 

Tom Delonge grew up in the Southern California skate punk subculture and went from putting flyers in his fellow students’ lockers for his band’s first concert to establishing one of the most iconic American bands in alternative rock.  The interview gives a detail introspective of his journey from troubled youth to influential songwriter and progressive musician with self discovery all along the way.  Today Tom continues to challenge himself and you get the feeling that there is more good things to come.

At 58:50 in the video he talks about his personal projects wrapped up in a company called To The Stars.  The company is basically a record label, publisher, production house and his belief is that “Artists in the future not only will make a record in a band or be a director of the movie or an author of a book, but will be more Art Transmedia Project (Creators)”.  “One kid that has an idea for a book might (also) write a soundtrack and put it altogether.”   These ideas relate back to technology in schools and the 1 to 1 programs of today, where we are now beginning to teach kids to use the latest tools (computers, tablets, cameras, etc) to create rather than passively consume content.  Providing kids the tools to combine creative mediums, teaching them to use these tools and then giving them the freedom to express their visions is a recipe for an exciting future in entertainment, storytelling, even product development.


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