Why the new iPad is thicker than the iPad Air 2?

Today Apple introduced a new iPad model fittingly called, “iPad”.  It replaces the iPad Air 2, which was thinner and faster than the earlier iPad Air 1.  The new iPad, with it’s A9 processor will be faster than the A8x processor in the iPad Air 2, however the dimensions of the new iPad are reverting back to the iPad Air 1, or 1.5mm thicker, which is actually 20% thicker than the Air 2.  The reason for this is that the new iPad sheds the laminated display which removed the gap between the LCD display and the front glass.  The benefits of the laminated display were that it felt as if you were touching the display as opposed to the front glass and internal reflections were reduced thus improving outdoor picture quality.  So the gap is back, which besides increasing thickness and reducing cost also helps with repairability.  The cost to fix a broken screen on the new iPad should be considerably easier and less costly.  All of this, and the target education cost of $299 makes sense why the new iPad will likely be the popular choice for schools.

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