New “Always On” Case for 11″ Chromebooks

Ask us about our new “Always On” EVA Chromebook case.  It is constructed from shock dampening EVA material and provides a protective shell that fits almost any 11″ Chromebook or notebook computer.  It features a carrying handle and tight locking zipper that will keep the device dry and dust-free.

Our New Rugged Chromebook Case

We’ve been working on this case for over a year.  The design has been revamped at least twice and we think it’s now the best looking rugged Chromebook case on the market.   It’s extremely durable and protective, yet comfortable to carry.  We will debut it at ISTE in Denver and show be shipping by early August.

Designing in the Apple Pencil to our Pro cases

The new Pencil by Apple created a design challenge for our new line of Rugged Folio and AirWave Pro cases, both for the 12.9” and the 9.7”.   However, our designer was able to nest the Pencil in the cases without adding any bulk to the cases and still protecting the fragile tip of the Pencil.

We’ll be at ISTE

If you find yourself in Denver or would like to attend the ISTE exhibits then send us an email and we’ll save a pass for you.   Here’s the floorplan  We are booth #2649 and have lots of new products for Chromebook and iPad Pro that we are debuting at the expo.

UZBL, because our products are so “Usable”

Our company is UZBL and this is our new blog.   Since we began in 2010 we’ve been called, or rather pronounced “uhzbohl,” “oozeebull,” and “ooooozable,” but we really prefer “usable”.   We are calling this new blog our Community page, because we hope that our customers including the district and school IT staff, administrators, principals, teachers and others will check in frequently to see new products, updates and happenings.   We are always open to ideas and welcome your feedback.