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Meet UZBL's Most Popular Carrying Case

EVA Always-on Case

Always-on Protection
UZBL's unique top clip system paired with elastic straps on the bottom keeps Chromebooks and Laptops inside the case at all times.

Built-in Accessory Pouch, ID Slot
The pouch is large and easy to access. No more digging around through collateral debris for cables. ID slot attached to the front.

EVA Cushioning Exterior
EVA "Ethylene-vinyl acetate" a squishy, cushioning material that absorbs impacts and retains its shape after taking impacts and pressure.

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The case your device will never need to leave
K12 Discount Pricing Available

Rugged Shells for Chromebooks & Macs

Rugged Shell Case

Ultra-protective Edges
Thick rubber padding and air cells to protect every corner. Non-slip, industry leading drop protection, and rugged hinge protection.

Asset Tag Compatible
A fully transparent top and bottom cover allows for easy asset tag and barcode tracking.

Fits The Following Devices
MacBook Air 13" (no touch id)
MacBook AIr 13" (Touch id)
3100 | 3180 | 5190 | 3190 | 3189
Spin 11 | Spin 511 | Spin 311
G6 | G7 | G8 | G9 | 360 x360
100e | 300e | 500e

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K12 discount pricing available 

Certified Military Grade iPad Cases 

ShockWave v1 Case

UZBL's Flagship iPad Case
Designed in 2011, it's been proven to protect thousands of iPad cases in all school environments for a decade thanks to its silicone three-layer design structure.

3-Layers of Pure Protection
MIL-810 certified, the ShockWave's silicone structure absorbs brutal impacts from the inevitable accidental drop or fall.

Built-in Screen Protector
A protective bezel paired with an ultra-durable screen protector defends against harmful debris, scratches, and shattered screens.

Groove Folio Case 

Removable Smart Cover
Portfolio-style cases do not last forever. That's why we created the Groove Folio. Simply swap out of your cover and you are as good as new.

Expansive Clear Rear
Shows off your iPad and allows for easy asset tag and barcode management for schools and businesses.

Folding Magnetic Stand
The front-facing cover folds to become a display stand via strong magnets that 'snap' onto the rear of the case.

AfterShock Case 

Certified Heavy Duty Protection
MIL-810 certified, the ultra-thick polycarbonate rear panel and co-molded rubberized corners result in maximum protection during brutal drops.

Stack Them Like Pancakes
Notches on the rear of the AfterShock securely slide into slots on the front of the AfterShocks bezel allowing them to be stacked.

Impact Resistant Kickstand
Traditional kickstands send pins and pieces flying everywhere when they break. The collapsible stand does the opposite. It collapses back into place rather than breaking during drops and falls. It features up to 3 viewing angles.

AirWave Case 

Protection on a budget
Sharing the same ultra-protective silicone ribbed design as the ShockWave case, the AirWave compliments price without sacrificing protection.

Integrated Pencil Holder
Compatible with the Apple Pencil or the Logitech Crayon, the pencil holder on the AirWave case is built directly into the silicone casing offering a secure and protective fit.

Premium Silicone Case
Silicone's absorbent properties make it the premium material for heavy-duty cases. The silicone is easy to clean and provides substantial grip.

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K12 Discount Pricing Available 

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 Mag Folio Case 

Three Magnetic Viewing Angles
Magnets placed inside the grooved cover securely lock the iPad into three different angles. The cover acts as a base, allowing you to use the Mag Folio in just about any scenario.

Asset Tag Compatible
Two rectangular windows on the rear allow for easy asset tag and barcode management, unobstructed when the case is open or closed.

Sleek, But Protective
Don't let the Mag Folio's dynamic design deceive you. It's engineered with the same protective features seen in all UZBL cases: Ribbed interior, scratch-resistant covers, covered buttons...

Cushy Kids Case

Designed for Kids
The case that parallels the creativity and chaos of children paired with a fragile iPad. Plush, cushioning EVA design that deflects anything you throw at it.

360 Swiveling Stand
The Cushy Case has a 360-degree rotating stand that folds neatly into the rear of the case. When opened up, it clicks into any desired angle, landscape or portrait, and doubles as a carrying handle.

Built-in Screen Protector
A protective bezel paired with an ultra-durable screen protector defends against harmful debris, scratches, and shattered screens

Rugged Folio Case 

Our Original Portfolio Case
Introduced in 2016, the UZBL Rugged Folio is a favorite due to its simplistic magnetic closure design and superior protection over standard portfolio cases.

Magnetic, Scratch Resistant Cover
Confidently store the Rugged Folio in backpacks, lockers, luggage, without the fear of leaving behind unwanted abrasive marks.

Secure Folding Stand
The front-facing cover folds to become a display stand. It can quickly be folded back over the front of the iPad and packed into a slim charging cart.

ShockWave v2 Case 

Slim Meets Protection
Based on the original ShockWave v1, the v2 is the v1 in its best shape. Slimmed-down for style without sacrificing protection.

Integrated Screen Protector
The screen protector is connected to a protective bezel that securely attaches to the iPad leaving no gaps or bubbles. It defends against scratches and harmful debris.

Impact Resistant Kickstand
Traditional kickstands send pins and pieces flying everywhere when they break. The collapsible stand does the opposite. It collapses back into place rather than breaking during drops and falls. It features up to 3 viewing angles.

What Schools Say About Us 


"UZBL is simply awesome. UZBL is always seeking to better their products, they truly listen to customer feedback and input and most of all, they value their customers. Customer Service with UZBL is fast, efficient and always helpful with any and all needs. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend UZBL to anyone!"
Jon Ruffridge, Ed Technology

Orange Unified School District

"We have 1800 (UZBL cases) for our iPods and we have had zero damages to date!"
Paul Hieronymus, COT

Lakewood City Schools


“We definitely want to go with the Airwave for our PK-5 as we did before. They worked out great. In two years I only had one broken iPad”
Michelle Kleisley, Technology Director

All Saints Catholic School

Last, but not least... 

The Pose Stackable Stand 

POSE Tablet Stand 

Flexible Long Lasting Design
The polycarbonate structure flexes under pressure as opposed to breaking like traditional stands.

Stack To The Ceiling
The Pose stand can conveniently stack by the dozens without toppling over.

Multiple Viewing Angles
Works with most tablets and cases on the market. View in landscape or tablet mode.

About UZBL  

Founded in 2010 
Our History. 

Inspired by the soft, cushioning covers on the Wii controllers, UZBL designed and introduced the first cushioning iPad case for kids soon after the release of the original iPad in April 2010. 

The company's product lines have evolved with the help of feedback from many educators are now found in schools across the country protecting and cushioning a multitude of popular tablets and computers.

About Me. 
Shane Matthews
UZBL Sales Representative

Employed at UZBL since 2015, I share the same passion the company has for prioritizing the needs of each individual customer we work with. The UZBL team is tight-knit, allowing us to go beyond expectations in meeting our customer's requests.

As a Southern California native, I love to spend my time riding my skateboard along the beach, working on my fitness, and reminiscing on my World of Warcraft days.


How long does it take to get a sample(s)? Is it free?
3-7 business days from filling out the request form. Samples can be expedited overnight if necessary.  The samples are at no charge. 
Do I have to return the sample(s)? 
You may keep the samples for future reference. 
How do I get a volume discount?
Fill out the sample request / quote form to receive volume pricing. Prices displayed here represent single unit pricing.
What is the lead time on a volume purchase? 
Based in Southern California, we fulfill orders swiftly. Larger orders, depending on delivery method (ocean or air fright) can range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks delivery time. Reach out to for specific inquires.  
My question isn't listed, who do I contact?
Please contact your personal UZBL Sales Representative or call 949-292-4513 with any questions or inquires. 

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