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Since 2010, we have taken a hands-on approach to case design. Our in-house design process ensures not only the highest level of device protection, but also showcases our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and individuality.

UZBL has made a huge impact on keeping our devices break/fix count below 4%. This low breakage rate has saved the district financially, allowing us to sustain device accessibility for future students.

J. Kim, Moore Public Schools

Our primary objective is to save school districts time and money by better protecting their investments in technology.

Joe Pearce, CEO, UZBL

April, 2010 and the introduction of the iPad

The UZBL Journey Began

Inspired by the soft, cushioning covers on the Wii controllers, UZBL designed and developed the first iPad case for kids, soon after the release of the original iPad.

Cases shaped by educator feedback

Our product line evolved with the help of feedback from many educators and school districts tech departs. SDUSD leads with their asset tracking program and our designs are forever modified to reflect a more open back to accommodate asset tags.

Expanding our iPad product line

As more schools adopted 1-to-1 programs, UZBL’s iPad case product line expanded to protect even the most rugged student spills.

Expanding cases beyond the iPad

Called upon by our friends at San Diego Unified School District to ruggedize more devices for the younger students, UZBL designs custom tablet cases for Lenovo Chrome-based tablets.

Cases design for every grade level

Private schools and high schools began distributing iPads. UZBL designs sleek yet strong Rugged Folio style cases that appeal to teenagers.

Schools turn to Chromebooks

Chromebooks became more widely accepted in 1-to-1 school programs, and UZBL designed its first rugged Chromebook case for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

New devices, reusable & universal case designs

The UZBL product line expands into durable new materials and form factors, encompassing soft material like EVA and silicone while improving the form factor of the products using medium density and hard materials like TPU and polycarbonate.

The year that changed how and where we learn

Schools everywhere send students home. Students work remotely and need extra protection on their devices. UZBL supplies over a quarter of a million protective cases in 2020 to keep devices intact.

Full speed ahead

During a year of global supply constraints, UZBL continues to supply hundreds of thousands of iPad and Chromebook case to schools across the country and abroad.

3,000,000 cases and counting...

UZBL products expand their reach with direct relationships with Apple and some of the world's largest food delivery and hospitality brands.





  • Allows for full 2-in-1 functonality
  • No gaps between the top & bottom
  • No pressure on the devices hinges


  • Easy asset barcode tracking
  • Preserves your devices value
  • Anti-scratch polycarbonate shell


  • Certified MIL-810G Lab Tested
  • Industry-first hollowed edges
  • Top + Bottom TPU releases pressure off device screen when closed

Maybe our most usable iPad design yet

New MagFolio for iPad 10

More sticking power that a pole vaulter. Flip back the cover, adjust the magnetic stand, then set it on your lap or a soft pillow. The stand is very stable and versatile. It even sticks to the fridge.

Check it out!

It's a 10!

Our new Mag Folio design is a celebration of the 10th Generation iPad with it's larger screen, smaller form factor and stark square edges

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