Airwave iPad Mini 4th/5th Generation

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Rugged Lightweight Protection 

The AirWave case for iPad Mini 4th/5th Gen 7.9" is snug fitting and has great corner protection. Composed of soft silicone material, the inside of the case had deep grooves that absorb accidental drops and falls, the same design we use in our flagship ShockWave cases that has been proven to work for over 7 years. To preserve the Apple aesthetic, we left the logo exposed on the rear, perfect for barcodes and asset tag scanning.


  • Flexible silicone housing with Groove Air Cells 
  • Wave pattern for extra grip and comfort 
  • Grooved silicone keeps the device at safe temperatures 
  • Ultra-slim design 
  • Covered protected volume buttons 




Color: Black
SKU: AW-7796-blk
Device Compatibility   iPad Mini 4/5


Low cost in volume purchases. Quick to install. Plenty of protection. Easy to identify with viewable tag window. A Classic


The AirWave case for iPad is made from cushiony and smooth silicone for a great feel. Similar to the ultra rugged ShockWave, the AirWave employs an array of ribs on it's interior to absorb shocks and give it a degree of bounce. These ribs also serve to channel the sound to the front of the case for louder and clearer audio.


The AirWave for iPad is 3/4" thick allowing it to fit it Bretford, Anthro, Datamation, Ergotron and other top carts. It weighs only 10 ounces, yet has extra interior, exterior, and corner protection from the strategic use of medium density silicone

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