Always On EVA Slim Chromebook Case w/ Shoulder Strap, Pouch & ID Holder, 11.6” Black Fabric

Sale price$56.95

Redefining Laptop Convenience 

The UZBL 11.6 inch “Always-on” Work-in Slim EVA Case Cover with shoulder strap, built-in accessory pouch and ID Holder, is the ultimate universal Chromebook or Laptop case. Perfect for long days spent on the campus going from classroom to classroom, or the commuter who is on flight after flight. Simply open the case, keep your Laptop or Chromebook inside, and you are ready to do you!

  • EVA shell gives maximum drop and shock protection 
  • Secure sleek screen clips keep device 'always-on' 
  • Elastic bands secure laptops bottom half 
  • Convenient ultra-durable carrying handles 
  • Composed of durable long-lasting fabric 
  • Included shoulder strap 
Color: Black
SKU: EVA7961
Device Compatibility   11.6" Chromebook Laptop Devices - fits device up to 11.8" x 8.5"


The pouch is large and easy to access. No more digging around through collateral debris for cables.

Always OnProtection

UZBL's unique top clip system paired with elastic straps on the bottom keep Chromebooks and Laptops inside the case at all times, even during accidental drops and falls.

Comfortable carryinghandles

Perfect for long days spent on the campus going from classroom to classroom.

No unnecessarybulk

Traditional carrying cases are comprised of bulky fabric that loses its shape within days. The Always-on Chromebook case retains its shape at all times due to its EVA molded exterior that's protected by durable nylon fabric.


Keep your assets safe during school, travel, or business occasions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


Joyce Creen
Chrome book cases

Quick response times and shipping, my daughter's love them

Charles Nwonuala II
Love it

Never loved a product better. Went out camping with my chromebook, and this protected it from dust and grimes. I want a 15.6 inch size for my other laptops. Highly recommended.

Elizzet W
Good case for school

I love this bag. It fits my daughters Chromebook for school perfectly and love the fact that the Chromebook stays inside the case at all times. The accessory pouch makes it easy for her to transport her charger to and from school or friends houses. Would buy it again!

Sam S
Nailed it.

This is exactly what I was looking! Exceeded my expectations for a work-in style case at a reasonable price and it looks beautiful.

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