• We Care

    We want you to love our products as much as we do. This is why we give out hundreds of samples to qualified schools. We know that once you've spent time with our cases that you'll appreciate the design and quality that we put into them. I think that this is also why many school districts stay with us year after year.

  • We Value your Opinion

    Every product that we create is the result of education customers' feedback that is manifested in new features and product lines.

  • Our Designers Produce Great Designs

    An extensive background in human form factors give our top designer an acute sensitivity for subtle design elements, curves, and overall comfort and feel.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    We will always stand behind our product, making sure that the 10,000 is as good as the first and ensuring that every customer is happy. This is reflected in our flexible return policy.

  • The Reviews are Good

    Most of our products receive 5-star overall ratings on Amazon and we have several testimonials from large school districts that use thousands of UZBL cases.


UZBL, or 'Usable' began in 2010 and is located in sunny Southern California.

Inspired by the soft, cushioning covers on the Wii controllers, UZBL designed and introduced the first cushioning iPad case for kids soon after the release of the original iPad in April 2010.

The company's product lines have evolved with the help of feedback from many educators are now found in schools across the country protecting and cushioning Apple iPads... and now Google and Lenovo devices.

In constant contact with educators and tech departments, UZBL has innovated unique design elements into its cases and stands which has allowed over 600 schools districts and private schools to standardize on the UZBL brand.

Going into 2016 the range of UZBL cases and stands continues to improve and make student's devices even more usable and versatile in school and home settings.



Joe Pearce enjoys building products, companies, restaurants, and houses...basically anything that adds value into other people's lives.

Prior to UZBL Joe had just sold his bustling Mexican food restaurant and hand built home on the North Shore of Kauai.

This came on the heels of Apple's revolutionary foray into the world of tablet computers and Joe's desire to follow their lead into unchartered tech territory.

After handing over the keys to his Kauai life Joe returned to his native home of Orange County, CA and rekindled his decade old business partnership with a prominent Southern California product designer friend. It is their collaboration that brings the UZBL brand products to market.


our product designer resides in a suburb just outside Portland.

After obtaining a degree in Industrial Design he spent a number of years as a car designer for Ford of Europe.

Over his career he has designed everything from soap bars for Lux to surgical equipment to helicopters for a Saudi Prince. He now applies his many years of human form factors to designing beautiful cases for students and schools everywhere.

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