AfterShock Case for iPad 10.2" (9th/8th/7th Gen) w/ Glass Screen Protector


All The Features Schools Request 

Since our first large deployment of 25,000 iPad cases at SDUSD in 2012, we have received invaluable feedback from school districts about the features that they require in a protective iPad case.  These ideas combined with proven features from our other iPad cases and a few unique tweaks have resulted in another durable yet very affordable iPad case for schools.

The AfterShock iPad Case is a simplistic 2-piece design that offers swift installation even for 1000+ case installs. A premium glass screen protector adds one more significant layer of drop protection. The AfterShock 7 case is TPU co-molded construction for drop and shock protection and features a collapsible stand for greatly reduced breakage. The grooves in the front side bezel allow the AfterShock cases to be stacked for safe carrying to and from carts.  We even added a removable, optional pencil holder that works with Apple Pencil or Logi Crayon. The AfterShock covers all bases in almost every K12 environment.


  • Reinforced corners with drop cushioning ‘Air Cells’
  • Clear polycarbonate for viewing asset tags
  • Replaceable stand, collapsible, and swappable for hand strap
  • Removeable holder for Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon
  • Fast and easy to install for large scale deployment
  • Glass screen protector and recessed camera and portholes
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Device Compatibility   iPad 10.2-inch (2020 8th Gen & 2019 7th Gen)
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The Aftershock protects every angle of the iPad from front to back with it’s easy to install two-piece design. A crystal clear scratch resistant screen protector comes optional and leaves no annoying gaps or bubbles. The ultra-thick polycarbonate back panel and co-molded rubberized corners allow for easy asset tag scanning and maximum protection during drops. The AfterShock has indents on the bezel and notches on the rear that allow you to stack them safely on top of each other. The AfterShock was designed for the classroom.

glass screenprotector

Add an additional layer of protection with UZBL's tempered glass screen protector included with the AfterShock.


Traditional kickstands send pins and pieces flying everywhere when they break. The collapsible stand does the opposite. It collapses back into place rather than breaking during drops and falls. It features up to 3 viewing angles.


Compatible with the Logitech Crayon and Apple Pencil. It neatly nestles into the side of the AfterShock and can be removable or installed during the installation process.


The convenient clip-in mechanism allows you to effortlessly swap the Aftershock's stand with our various other style stands or our rotating hand strap.


The Aftershock's rear clip-in mechanism allows you to attach a rotating hand strap or Omni 360 stand on the fly. (Omni 360 stand only available for AfterShock Case for iPad 5th/6th generation, not the 10.2-inch)

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